A History of the U.M.K.C. Police Department

The following is the story of a university police department and its evolution on two separate campuses; from unarmed watchmen, through the era of traffic safety and security, and culminating with the current campus law enforcement agency. This narrative commences at the University of Kansas City, a private liberal arts college, in the late 1930’s; and the University of Missouri, located in Columbia, in the mid 1880’s. An examination will be conducted of the role of the night watchman, the 1950’s traffic safety officer, and the 1960’s campus police officer.





Diary of a Campus Cop

The Diary of a Campus Cop is the companion text to the narrative A History of the U.M.K.C. Police Department. The Diary is an account of a campus police officer who was employed at the University of Missouri Kansas City for over thirty years. Although I kept no formal journal during my tenure, the following narrative was written in first person, diary style, using prominent dates during my career as chapters. All of the events are based on my personal documents, police reports and a few oral interviews. Additionally, extensive research was conducted of archived university records and newspaper microfilm. My primary reason for writing was to set the record straight regarding the events that had happened during my career.